Persistence. Believe in yourself. Don’t only Dream, but take Action.

The question for me has always been “How?”  How do I persist when roadblocks are placed in my path every day? “You have to believe in yourself,” answers the Universe.

But…how do I believe in myself? “You believe in yourself when you know that you are following your calling; that you were put on this earth to do this very thing, and you were given all the tools to make use your gift. Your dreams are the key to your calling.”

But I have these dreams and they haven’t come true. “Because you also have to take action. Dreaming alone won’t get you where you want to be. You have to take steps, every day, to make these dreams a reality. You have to see what you want, and take a step toward it. Every day.”

But, how do I do that? “Persistence.”

ACK! Damn the vicious cycle.

When I started writing a few years ago about self esteem and body issues, I was called out by a friend, as she caught me disparaging my, shall we say, CURVES, in the mirror. “It’s all a lie!” she accused me. “You are one to lecture on believing that you are beautiful, when you can’t even do it yourself!”

Yes, she was right. I write about these issues, because I struggle with them myself every day. I didn’t magically lose 40 pounds to see all my insecurities and body dysmorphia disappear. I still struggle. And I still believe that we are all beautiful in spite of our flaws, BECAUSE of our flaws. I still look in the mirror and start tearing myself apart. But then I stare in the mirror and try to build myself up, because I know this is a journey, not a destination.

We have dreams and we have to follow them, and if we want to turn them into reality, we need to take action. We need to be persistent. We need to have belief in ourselves to KEEP taking steps, and sometimes, that feels like an unscalable mountain.

It’s really easy to just stop and say, this isn’t possible. I can’t do it. I am not worth it. I am not talented enough. Nobody cares about this.

Those words will destroy you.

I think of my actor/writer friend Ron Keaton, who is opening his show Churchill off Broadway tonight. He is no spring chicken. He has been defeated and frustrated and worried that it was time to give up on the theatre. But he kept on, and had belief in himself when others didn’t. Tonight, he is being rewarded in a grand and glorious way, because he is The Little Engine That Could. He kept going. He kept writing. When the roles didn’t appear, he wrote one for himself. Bravo, to you Ron. The Universe (and all of Chicago) is applauding you tonight.

Dream Your Dreams. Take Action. Be Persistent. And know that the Universe/God/Spirit, in whatever fashion you want to believe in it, is cheering you on. Be the Little Engine That WILL.