Finding Joy

There is no happiness like the happiness of my dog in the snow.

Sophie the Snow Dog

Granted, she doesn't have to drive in this mess, like we do. She doesn't have to shovel, or leave extra commute time or even wear snow pants and boots. She doesn't have to call dibs on a parking spot or dream about moving to Hawaii. 

She eats the snow, she pees in the snow, she goes crazy when we try to shovel, barks her head off to beg us to throw the snow on top of her. She cavorts and frolics and bites at the flakes as they come down. She is present in the moment and she is happy.

Were it so easy for us.....

Put on your ski pants and build a snowman. Appreciate the light that reflects of of that blanket of white. Build a fire and have some wine, because this too shall soon pass. You can fight the snow, or bite it. You decide.