The Power of Everything

This morning, I asked my daughter what powers she would have, if she were a Superhero.

"The Power of Everything!" she said.

"What is the Power of Everything?"

"Having it all. If I wanted to fly, BOOM, I could fly. If I wanted to feed all the starving people, BAM, I could feed the world. I could do everything I ever wanted to do."

It makes sense to me. Why be stuck with one superpower, when you can have them all. And you do. You have the power of everything. We all do. We just have to make up our minds that we CAN, and then we WILL. One step at a time. One dream at a time.

But here's the thing about superpowers. If you use them to benefit yourself, to take over the world, you will be defeated, like all super evil characters. But if you harness your superpowers for GOOD, to help others, to put light into the world...well....maybe they'll make a comic book and a movie about YOU. 

Dream it. Believe it. Build it.

You have the power of everything. Now go out and save the world.