The Mirror You

There was a fascinating episode of Radio Lab on NPR this week, all about the mirror world.  If you have 25 minutes to spare, it's worth the time: 

Radio Lab

Part of the premise was that what WE SEE in the mirror, is false. The mirror that we stare into to do our makeup, to see if those pants make our butt look flat, to make sure that we are presentable, is LYING. It does not show us ourselves, as we are seen by the outside world. It shows us a reverse, a mirror image of what the rest of the world sees. 

What difference would that make, I wondered. It's still you, just flipped. 

Take a look at these two pictures of Abraham Lincoln. The first is his TRUE self, what the rest of the world saw, and the second is what HE would have seen in the mirror.
The first picture is authoritative, open, relaxed, but the mirror image to me, looks shifty, unsure, ill at ease.


 There are studies that say that men are viewed as strong and capable when they part their hair on the left side and weak when they part it on the right. Look at Superman. Clark Kent is a righty and even as he rips open his shirt to reveal the ubiquitous S, his hair switches to the left, as if even it knew the power of the part. Did poor Abe have such low self esteem because he saw the less powerful, right side parted version of himself?

Conversely,  a woman is considered reliable and intelligent when she parts her hair on the left, and compliant and "feminine" when it goes to the right. Would you vote for Hillary or Sarah?

My point in this is, what do YOU see when you look in the mirror? Do you judge yourself too harshly? Do you see insecurities and fear? Do you shine too bright a light on your perceived flaws and weaknesses? Do you see what the rest of the world sees? Or is your image of yourself skewed by the mirror's flipped reflection? 

Stop believing what the mirror says. The only reflection of yourself that you should trust, is the one in your mind's eye, of the person you are and the person you want to be.