Higher Than the Moon

There is a painted moon on the ceiling in my daughter's bedroom, done in glow in the dark paint. The man in the moon smiles down, benevolent, calm, loving.  When you pull the car into garage, you can see this moon through her window, always shining, always smiling. A constant reminder of my children and the love I have for them. This song is a lullaby I wrote for Gigi, when she was just a tiny, chubby thing. Now she is lanky and solid, inquisitive and searching, and I love her even more today than I did on the day she was born. Children are truly miracles.

My husband used to tell us girls that if you took all the grains of sand on all the beaches of the world, counted them and multiplied them by 1000, it would give you a number that was exactly HALF of how much he loved us. It's the silly traditions we have with our family, the words they say, the memories they leave, that will last for a lifetime. Tell the people you love that you care about them, every day. Know that your love leaves a mark on their hearts, like a moonbeam through the window.

Higher Than the Moon by Cory Goodrich

Higher Than the Moon, around the sun and back again
More than all the stars in the sky, how much I love you.
In the cold of winter you bring warmth inside of me
and the sadness disappears for a moment, for a lifetime. 
You taught me to breathe. Take in the wonder of the moment.
Laying in the dark with you I'm a star in your heaven. 
Higher than the Moon, around the sun and back again
More than all the grains of sand...how much I love you.

W.O.M.A.N,  a CD of country folk music by Cory Goodrich and produced by Malcolm Ruhl, makes its official debut on July 28th.