Anyone who knows me, knows that I hate winter. 

No, I'm not kidding. I hate it. LOATHE it. Despise, despair, abhor, reject, abominate, and scorn it.

There is not an inkling of "Ooo, but the first snow of winter is so pretty!" or, "Ooo lets sit by the fire and drink cocoa," love here. I hate the grey and the ice, the wind and the way everything is 3000 times more difficult. Traffic, parking, dressing, walking. The way I feel even when the sky is blue and cloudless but the air hurts my the sky is so vast and endless, and all God has to do is tip the planet a bit, and we'll fall off and go hurtling through cold, brutal, empty space.

So naturally, I live in Chicago.

The song Cold came from one of those despair moments in November of last year, before the hard months of winter had even hit. I was doing Mary Poppins at the Paramount, and even the 2 block walk from the garage was killing me. Around the same time, I had come across a mashup of 6 current country songs, and how they all had similar themes and tunes and beats. Trucks, drinking and nature, heartbreak and cheating. I thought, well, could I write a country song about Chicago? Could I incorporate drinking and driving (separately) and heartbreak, but could the setting not be the balmy south, but the harsh loneliness of the north?

When we decided to make this song a duet, instead of the solo I initially wrote, I asked the silky voiced Michael Monroe Goodman (young Johnny Cash in Ring of Fire) to record with me. There were a few lines in his verse that I just couldn't capture from the male perspective, and he graciously contributed new, better lyrics that are perfect for him and that glorious voice of his.


                                        by Cory Goodrich and Michael Monroe Goodman

Stuck in Chicago, and buried in snow

A city of people and I’m so alone

Why do I stay here when I’ve always hated the cold.

The blue sky above me won’t lessen the chill

Even Lake Michigan’s frozen and still

Dangerous cracks in the ice are beginning to show

I feel a chill when I reach out to touch you

When did our house get so cold

       Maybe there’s someplace that you’d rather be,

        And maybe it’s better than being with me.

        Maybe you’re scared that the truth is we’re better apart.

        Let’s get in the car and we’ll put it in drive

        And look for a place where the heat can survive

         I want to melt all the ice that you felt in my heart  

Half empty bottles lined up on the shelf

Looking for comfort in somebody else

Searching through embers hoping to find a new spark

How do we thaw all the snow and the frost

Bring back passion that somehow we lost

Can't light a fire just wandering around in the dark.

I feel the drifts getting deeper and deeper.

We skate figure eights 'round the truth.

Maybe there's someplace that you'd rather be

Maybe it's better than being with me.

Maybe you're scared that the truth is we're better apart.

Let's get in the car and we'll put it in drive 

and look for a place where the heat can survive.

I want to melt all the ice that you've felt in my heart.

Where do we go when our love has grown cold?