There is a lot of static in the Universe.

Facebook, Twitter, emails, work, news and sports blaring from every flat screen in airports and bars and restaurants. Constant dings from your phone and watch and computer, telling you there is someone you have to be.

It's easy to get lost in the constant barrage of, "Oh, I have to do this, NOW." 

But to sit in stillness, staring at a vast sea of stars, contemplating how small we are in the Universe but knowing still, somehow, that we are not alone....That's what I long for.

Space. A chance to do nothing but be still.

And any of you who know me will probably laugh because I am Constant Motion Girl. I am the hamster on the wheel, running all night long. My brain rarely shuts off. The only time I sit, is to write, or to schedule or to answer the 5,000 pings reminding me "You Are Someone Important".

When of course, maybe in stillness, I'd hear that voice that says "You Are Someone Important" and know that it is true.

We crave contact, connection, someone to truly hear us. And strangely enough, all these technological advances, all the Facebook connections and tweets and Snapchats and swiping left, it leaves us....unconnected.Empty. More alone.  Sure, it's great to see pictures of your first boyfriend, and reconnect with people you left behind in high school. "See? I'm connecting! I never would talk to these people were it not for Facebook!"  But the truth is, you are still not talking to them. You're behind a glass wall, a screen, where the sound of your voice is missing from the interaction.

And yes, the irony of me sitting here with my coffee, writing a blog post that three people will see on a SCREEN, rather than hearing me say it to their faces, is not lost on me. Guilty.

So today, lets all take a breath, together. Lay in the grass. Stare at the stars. Feel stillness and peace. And if nothing else, you'll know that I am looking up at those same stars thinking of you. We are not alone.