Evening Sky - for our Bernie.

Evening Sky                      Cory Goodrich
I’m lovesick and weary, and it’s lonely out here on the road
Another show’s opened, and it’s taken a piece of my soul
I’m driving for miles and the pictures replay in my mind
Even the distance won’t let me leave you behind
 And I look for you in the evening sky
 When the stars come out and the angels cry
Time Stood Still when you said goodbye               
And I’m broken. I’m broken.
I sift through the wreckage. Desperatley seeking a sign
Some kind of message things will be clearer in time,
Treasure the moments and I learn how to say what I feel
But how to stay open when you’re covered in wounds that won’t heal
 And I look for you in the evening sky
 When the stars come out and the angels cry
 And I lost my chance to say goodbye
 And I’m broken. I’m broken.
I’m bound by Invisible chains
Though I secretly try to hold on
But once I let go of the pain
There is nothing left and you’ll be gone
 And I’ll look for you in the evening sky
When the stars come out and the angels cry
 When the blood moon sets will the phoenix rise
  And I’m broken. I’m broken

One year ago today, the world stopped spinning.

It was one of those angsty days of mine. I was on my way to tech rehearsal for Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown at Theatre at the Center and I was ridiculously upset over a dress that had been ruined during a photo shoot. I knew my despair was unwarranted, but I could not shake the feeling that the  Universe was turned upside down. I had heard earlier that morning of a collegue's tragic accident that would eventually lead to her death, and I was shaken. A dress seemed inconsequential in comparison, but I was still obsessing about it.

And so, when my own co-worker, Bernie, didn't show up for rehearsal, I knew something was wrong. Because the Universe HAD turned upside down.

Those of you who know the story, know all about Bernie. His joy, his love for performing, his love of his partner, Matt, love of his dogs and puns and riotous laughter. For those of you who don't know the story, we lost our dear friend that day in a car accident on his way to rehearsal.

There have been tears and eulogies from those far more eloquent than I. I'll leave the stories to they who knew him better and loved him well. I'll leave the memories of that day tucked away in the back of my mind and I won't share them here. But I will share with you my heart, which I do best through song. 

That ruined dress that caused me so much angst...it still hangs in my closet as a reminder that these things we love are just things. What lives on is love, in the memories of those who have left us, in thought action and deed. Love for life and friends and family. Just...love.

This one is for Bernie.